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Andrew Freeman

My body was totally breaking down. I was always negative and depressed and had really low self worth. That was my life before I discovered Yoga

Years of physical work and contact sport my body needed healing. I remember it was actually intimidating going to a Yoga class. I felt broken and depressed, so going into a positive space to face all i’d avoided feeling was confronting for me

I felt so great after my first class. I would always drive home proud and feeling great that I had went. Yoga truly healed my body, but what surprised me the most, was how Yoga helped my mind. My focus started to shift into a new positive direction. I hadn’t expected this, but it happened through the process, and overtime I transformed. This is the power of Yoga

I was keen to learn more so I studied and became a certified Yoga teacher in 2017. I started teaching at the local community centre in Glenmore Park and taught at local gyms around the Penrith area. Then an opportunity came up to hire my own space. With no knowledge of how, I jumped in and opened up a Yoga studio and called it Balancing Elephant Yoga!

Andrew studied Yoga Teacher training at the Byron Bay Yoga Centre, has completed trainings at InYoga, the Australian Centre of Meditation and Mindfulness, and over the years attended many Yoga and Meditation workshops and guided over 2500 classes!

‘Yoga has taught me to never limit myself and that anything is possible. It’s taught me how to be present and absorb the intelligence of my emotions and how to widen and centre my mind at the same time. It’s brought me closer and closer to who I truly am and made me a greater version of myself’

Andrew teaches out Hot Vinyasa Classes and Restorative & Meditation


Theresa Refalo

A passionate teacher who has a deep understanding of the body mind and spirit with 15 years as a massage therapist

Theresa weaves her knowledge of the body into each class offering an opportunity for you to know yourself at a deeper level and challenge and inspire your body and mind


Naomi Chisholm

Naomi began her yoga journey for strength and flexibility, only to discover the healing powers of yoga for her mind.

She teaches with compassion and interweaves themes of love, gratitude and self-empowerment throughout her classes.

Naomi has completed Vinyasa/Hatha yoga teacher training with Yogavibe, is a Yin Yoga teacher and also kids yoga teacher

Naomi loves practising and teaching dynamic vinyasa flows and being creative. “I want students to feel empowered, supported and to discover their own yoga journey”


Linh Brown

Linh's passion for yoga started as a physical activity and grew into a space for movement, meditation and a time for herself. 

Being on her mat felt like coming home and Linh hopes to create an inclusive class where everyone feels safe and welcome providing a space to connect, experience warmth, a challenge and relaxation. 

Linh completed her Yoga Teacher Training at InYoga and is taking on more learning with training in yin, anatomy and meditation. 

Off the mat, you will find Linh skateboarding and learning new tricks, spending time with her Bulldog Fergus and finding any excuse to have gelato! 


Tara Loizou

Tara began her yoga journey 10 years ago and since that first day stepping foot into a studio, she knew yoga was meant for her.  

With a background in movement as a contemporary dancer, Tara incorporates her passion for movement with the teachings of yoga to take students on a journey that is totally unique.

Each class is creative, offering students a chance to dive into a revitalising moving meditation

“As a yoga teacher my classes are not rigid, instead I encourage free flowing movement and expression to ignite that same passion I have within you too. For me, Yoga is not just a physical practice, it’s an empowering journey unique to each of us that gives space for stillness and tends the fire of your inner health”


Jessica Waters

Jess has completed her 350hrs yoga teacher training in Vin, Hatha, Vinyasa and kids yoga. “I absolutley love how yoga has changed my life not just physically but mentally. Yoga is like a moving meditation that has allowed me to still my mind, improving both my life and mental health. I am passionate about helping other people on their journey within through yoga.” Looking forward to flowing with you on the mat soon.