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Begin a Transformational Yoga Journey!


Our Yoga Studio Penrith is dedicated to personal growth, health and wellness through Yoga and Meditation. We are a beginner friendly studio open 7 days a week! So you can get your yoga on everyday!

Start a Yoga Journey with us!


• Strength & Flexibility

• Breath Connection

• Release Stress 

• Self Awareness

• Healthy Lifestyle 

• Supportive Community

“So impressed with this great little studio in the centre of Penrith”


Our Yoga studio is the perfect place to build strength, stability and flexibility of body, mind and soul. If you’re new to Yoga or experienced looking for a place to connect,  you’ll find what you need at our studio!

“An authentic space that cultivates you” 


We are a beginner friendly studio. We have two Slow Flow classes a week dedicated to a beginner level. We also encourage you to try all of our classes! Our Membership is a no lock-in contract!

Our experienced teachers and will take care of you, giving beginners and more advanced yogis options to practice within their own ability

“It’s like a full body workout in slow motion”


Yoga Flow (*32C) is our most Dynamic Yoga Class. The room is heated and the Yoga sequence is challenging and inspiring! You’ll develop strength and flexibility and feel accomplished after every class!

Start Your day with Yoga Flow Monday to Friday @6:30AM


“You’ll have more mental clarity even after one class!” 


Restorative Yoga is our most gentle class. Perfect for slowing down and releasing physical and mental stress.

This class is the ‘me time’ you’re looking for. It gives you a nice stretch and is very calming and meditative. Restorative Yoga Classes are offered throughout the week

“An inspiring space that puts no pressure on you to be anything other than yourself”


We also offer Yin Yoga providing deep muscle tissue release. This class offers stillness which can be therapeutic in itself and excellent for really tight individuals, not just in body, but also mind.

Some people have their most intimate yoga experience attending a Yin class. Stillness, deep ligament release and remove energetic blockages in the body

Yin Yoga – every Tuesday & Thursday evening @7:15pm

 “The Balancing Elephant is a ‘Zen-like’ Oasis”


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have a 45min Flow Class at 12:15pm. A great midday reset! Perfect if you work or live close by the studio. This class is suitable for beginners as well

“Everyone is welcoming and friendly, a great space!”


We’re located in the heart of Penrith at 87 Henry St. Our studio is in close proximity to great cafes, shopping centres and a short walk from Penrith station with plenty of free long term parking around the building

“The room has a calm energy, so welcoming”


Meet Our Teachers

Learn more about our Yoga team!