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Meet our BE Yoga Team


“At BE our experienced teachers guide our classes by bringing strength and presence to your body and breath creating a platform for your awareness to emerge. We’re here to help you along your journey by developing a strong mind, healthy body and a deeply connected soul through our Yoga classes” – Andy Freeman

Owner of Balancing Elephant Yoga


Andy Freeman 

Andy began practicing meditation in his early 20’s after completing a Diploma of Metaphysics at Chiara College Crows Nest

Then one day he found a Yoga studio and his life completely changed. ‘I felt so much physical and emotional healing from that first yoga class I became a dedicated student and later a teacher to help guide others towards their higher potential’

Andy is a 500HR Yoga Teacher at Byron Bay Yoga Centre and has trained with Yoga Teachers, John Ogilvy, Bec Issacs, Bryan Kest, Noah Maze, Nicole Walsh and more.

He studied Meditation at the Australian Centre of Meditation & Mindfulness, TM Centre Sydney and the Sydney Meditation Centre. Andy also has a Masters in NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Andy presented at the NSW Health Conference on Mindfulness and the Awakening Abundance Conference. He has worked with troubled Youth in Yoga Programs, runs Workplace Wellness Events for various Penrith Businesses and has over 2,000 hours of teaching experience

“My goal is to enhance the quality of life for every student that enters a class. Yoga gave me so much personal power and confidence so I like to teach yoga movement and breath to be conscious and embodied, bringing the practice closer to your own experience. I encourage students to not underestimate themselves, develop a positive mind and body and learn presence from within their own practice”

Jessica Crystal Waters

Jess’ classes are guided with a tone and pace that will take you on an inward journey.

Yoga absolutely changed Jess’ life not just physically but also mentally. Yoga helped Jess through tough times and knows the personal power that Yoga can give you.Now she’s passionate about helping others on their own unique Yoga journey

Jess has completed her 350hrs yoga teacher training in Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa and kids yoga

“Yoga is like a moving meditation that has allowed me to still my mind, improving both my life and mental health.“I absolutley love Yoga! I’m looking forward to flowing with you on the mat!

Jennifer Trimboli

Jennifer’s classes are all about conscious and connected movement. Guiding you inward through an expressive sequence of breath and movement.

She started Yoga and Meditation to help with her anxiety and after seeing the results on her mental health dedicated herself to study to become a Yoga teacher

Off the mat you’ll find Jennifer adventuring in her 1974 Kombi named Lola and she loves spending time in nature.

“Practice to me is about making uninterrupted time for yourself  to connect with your conscious and unconscious self through movement and breath”

Anita Wong

Anita has been in the yoga world for ten years as a teacher, training in Vniyoga, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Restorative and her favourite, Yin
She also runs regular workshops and private classes. She teaches from a functional, person-centred perspective; fit the pose around the person rather than fit the person into the pose
Her training in yoga and psychotherapy blend into an embodied practice of being present and curious about one’s body, mind, heart and relationships. Classes are open-level and suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Miha Zotta 

Miha loves teaching a warm and nourishing flow and believes in the beautiful moments that reveal themselves on the mat

“To me Yoga is like coming home. A place where i feel warm, nurtured and step into my own power”

Yoga came into Miha’s life when she needed something extraordinary and human and she found it on her mat. She discovered a path of personal healing and forgiveness feeling an instant sense of peace and connection

“I’ve had long struggle with anxiety and the techniques I’ve learned through my Yoga practice have not only reminded me how to

breathe, to move, and to think… but above all, allowed me to flourish in my life

Maggie Chung 

Maggie’s classes are physically educational and help you explore beyond what you believe you can achieve.

Maggie started her Yoga journey in 2005. She has trained with Simon Borg-Oliver and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy and Ananda Kennard of Preshana Yoga.

Maggie has a Diploma of Sports Kinesiology with the College of Contemporary Medicine and also founded Winston Hills Yoga in Northmead

Her love and passion of human body movement, natural therapies, psychology and bio-mechanics shines through in her teaching. A true Yoga nerd who loves working with the body and mind through Yoga teachings