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“Yoga is a bridge between body and mind and an ancient practice of integration and unification. The word “yoga” means to unifiy. Balancing Elephant Yoga and the Practice of Yoga are a bridge to this, peace”


Balancing Elephant Yoga

• andrew freeman •
Andy studied Yoga teacher training at the Byron Bay Yoga Centre and trained in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Advanced Yoga Sequencing, Restorative Yoga and is a certified Meditation teacher with the Australian Centre of Meditation & Mindfulness
Andy has a Masters in NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy, has presented at the NSW Health Conference on Meditation and Mindfulness. Worked with troubled Youth in Yoga Programs and runs Workplace Wellness Events for various Penrith Businesses
“When I first found a yoga practice my life began to completely change in such a positive direction. I was actually very depressed and had no life direction. But when i started to tune into the present moment on my mat, my mind cleared up and i understood my own emotions with more depth. I’m feel so grateful to share this practice in the area i grew up in”
Andy’s classes are embodied and focus on presence in the pose. Expect to feel encouraged, inspired and guided with respect for you to discover your own unique moment in every class

• jessica waters •
Jessica studied her 500hr yoga teacher training in Vinyasa and Yin at Barefoot Yoga School in Byron Bay. Jessica also has Yoga trainings in hatha yoga and energetics, kids yoga, trauma informed breathwork facilitation and  studied her advanced diploma of yoga in applied Chinese medicine in Sri Lanka 2024
Jess’ classes help students relax and invite space to explore their own yoga journey. “Yoga has helped me so much in my daily life and it’s more than just a physical asana practice. It’s about taking you out of your flight and fight response and learning to drop in to the rest and digest system where the body can actively recover. Yoga is all about balance and I love to allow time for this integration to happen in my classes”
Jess’ classes are guided with an energy that invites you in, challenges your limits and takes you beyond what you knew you were capable of. Her openness and guidance will nurture and inspire your yoga journey

• jennifer trimboli •
Jennifer Trimboli is a Yoga Teacher with training in Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Trauma Informed Yoga. Jennifer is also a Level 1-2 Reiki Master and is a certified Cacao Ceremony Facilitator echoing her deep Chilean and South American roots
She began Yoga in a challenging personal time. After experiencing the life changing benefits of yoga, Jennifer has dedicated herself to the study of yoga and now shares the practice with others
Jennifers yoga classes have an ease and flow, offering steadiness and guidance where you can deepen your connection to the pose mentally and physically. “Through yoga I find balance. I journey within, listen without judgement and become aware of my mind, body and emotions”

• anita wong •
Antia is a Yoga teacher with a professional background in Psychotherapy, Counselling and Somatic Healing.
She began her Yoga training with Santosha and Bodhi Yoga institute and has completed Yoga trainings in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Alignment & Anatomy, Hatha & Vinyasa yoga and is a Thai Massage Therapist
With over 10 years teaching experience, Anita explores a universal integrated approach to wellness. Her classes merge the natural intelligence of the body with the cognitive powers of the mind
Guided with strength and a gentle focus that resonates with positive and profound effects on the body and mind long after class. Anitas classes are calming, informative, encouraging and embodied

• chloe demetriou •
Chloe trained her 500hr Yoga teacher training with Barefoot Yoga School and recently completed her Yoga Diploma in Sri Lanka 2024. Studied in Vinyasa, Hatha and Yoga sequencing Chloe also leads a team as a Support Coach in her professional life
She found yoga at the age of 15 through her high school and fell in love with the practice. “After I began practicing, I started researching the benefits and philosophy of yoga. It really helped me build a deeper relationship with my body and the understanding to overcome my own personal health issues through yoga practice”
Chloe’s classes are guided with a flowing grounded energy. Her creative sequencing will help you connect to your practice and her warm energy will help you feel supported, accepted and encouraged


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